How can i extract row values from duplicate column values

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please refer the attached word document for better understanding.

Duplicates question updated.docx (14.5 KB)

              i have a datatable which is shown in below attached image.


I want to extract (Access code & Standard %) values based on (path number) column.
I have used select method to extract those data but i’m getting “50052” as on output for first four rows.
To get the output in the table-2 format as shown in below attached image. which method or code should i write please suggest me.

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Hello @sathwik_pindi

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In this case you can use Filter Datatable activity to extract the required rows.

Raed the excel and get the output to a datatable variable.
Then use Filter datatable activity. Select Keep in the activity and then provide the condition.


hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

thank u for your quick response. i’m tried with lot of methods for my requirement but we did’t get proper output. i will share here my excel file. if possible please provide suitable code for my req.

format123.xlsx (10.3 KB)

sathwik pindi

Kindly refer to this XAML file (86.8 KB)

There is no unique value in your data table, so it is impossible to read the value and write it in excel.
Instead of that, Read Both values and process them in Datatable.

Hello @Rahul_Unnikrishnan @Gokul_Jayakumar @Mukesh_Kala @Yoichi @RAKESH_KUMAR_BEHERA

I think my question was conveyed in a wrong way… Let me explain it clearly.

I have two Datatables… Dt_1 and Dt_2 as shown below.

Datatable - 1 (Dt_1)

Invoice No Item Code Price
60003 50052 0.98
60003 50123 0.92
60003 70026 0.85
60003 50416 0.75
61086 RS-50557 0.96
60021 RS-50181 0.87


Datatable - 2 (Dt_2)

Invoice No Quantity
60003 100
60003 150
60003 200
60003 250
61086 300
60021 350

Here I want to compare ‘Invoice No’ of Dt_2 with ‘Invoice No’ of Dt_1, if Invoice No matches… then I want to extract complete row of that particular ‘Invoice No’ and should write in Dt_3 (Datatable - 3) as shown below

Invoice No Quantity Item Code Price
60003 100 50052 0.98
60003 150 50123 0.92
60003 200 70026 0.85
60003 250 50416 0.75
61086 300 70125 0.96
60021 350 50215 0.87

Here I have used select method to extract entire row when ‘Invoice No’ matches, but I’m getting ‘50052’ as an output for four ‘60003’ Invoices.

I have used Lookup range as well, but I’m getting an error called ‘duplicates’

So is there any method or activity to resolve this issue…?

Please help me out of this…

Thanks in advance


Hello @sathwik_pindi

Here in DT2 you hqve duplicate invoice number. So you are confirming invoice number 60003 and quantity 150 should extract for item code 50123?

If it is unique we can do. Otherwise you need to clarify how this mapping is happening.