How to extend the Formula in Excel columns

Hi All,

I have a issue in the dragging formulas in the Excel Columns. For example: I have the formula in B1 and that should extend to C1 if we run and for the next run it should extend to D1 and so on

why don’t you write the formula using the index of the row you are currently on?

Rows.IndexOf(row) = this will give the current row you are in.

You can use autofill range for extending that formula
Sat source= B1 and destination will be B1:C1

Hi thanks for reply
I didn’t get your way of solving, Let me make it more precise I am using formula in Select Range as “B1:Z”+(DT.rows.count+1).ToString Here I have given the size from B1:Z but I need it in a dynamic way. It should extend one column for every run Dynamically plz help me