How to export pdf with multiple pages to excel

Hello guys,

I want to export pdf with multiple pages to excel
Example :

What I do are :

  1. Read pdf text
  2. pdf to excel
  3. write range

when I run it, it shows error “Pdf to excel: Index was outside the bounds of the array”.
What should I do? Thank you

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can you upload your workflow here?

here you go (1.6 KB)

2)PDF to Excel you installed from packages?? or from other sources??

i downloaded it from git and installed it on manage packages then

Try to use Data Scraping on those information.
If you can, then I would

  1. split the PDF for each page,
  2. use for each loop to
  3. open each PDF file (with Start Process activity), after that
  4. Use Data Scraping (be carefull with selector here)
  5. Use for each to merge each Data Table that was scraped

You can check this out for your reference @claudiojody

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Happy learning :smiley: