How to Expand short URL's Using UiPath Activity

Hi Folks, I have any excel file which contains short URL’s , so need help to expand those short URL’s to normal form.

Thanks in advance.

You can create a short workflow to do this but you have to use a third party service to expand the URLs. There’s a lot on the web like You just read your excel into datatable, go through the rows with for each row and process each row by typing it into the site and read text the expanded URL. Write it back to the datatable.

Hi, Thanks for the help did try that approach but it slows down the process. Is there any way to make API calls and get the expanded URL’s.

You have not mentioned originally that you would like API calls instead. Of course there is a way, there are third party services that provide those as well. Just search and select what you prefer. One example is Free API :