How to execute db2 command using uipath

Can anybody tell me how to execute db2 command
Using uiapath
For example db2pd -d database name -wlocks

Hi @sayalib
Try UiPath.DataBase.Activities

Hi , thank you for your rpl. So which database i have to select to configure the database connection?


We can use UiPath.DataBase activities and on how to use it for db2 refer the below doc

Cheers @sayalib


Check below for the configuration

Hope this may help you


Hi @sayalib
Were we able to connect the dB

hello @sayalib
You can use UiPath.DataBase.Activities

Kumar Keshav

Thanks for your response. But i am trying to execute db2 command not query. So any idea on how to execute db2 command. Database connection is done. But next thing is execute command. In database connection we can only execute query not commands. Please help on this.

Thanks in advance