How to execute a procedure with passing parameters?

how to execute a procedure with passing parameters? can you help me?

Hi @rildo13, could you elaborate more your question? what are you trying to do? what do you already did?

I’m trying to execute this procedure, but I have to pass the parameters and I don’t know which parameter to pass and what types

How you execute that SP without Uipath?

is this the same question as another user and the same query, very strange…

we are working on the same project and we have the same doubts

begin sp_rpa_apontamento_consultor; end;

parameters :
pdataapontamento varchar
ocodeerror float
odescerror varchar
osteperror varchar

but it would be nice to not put in two questions of the same doubt, so we dont help 2 times for the same issue…

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ok thanks for the tip