How to download the attachment in outlook from multiple senders

I used to download the attachments from different multiple senders, any solution for this problem,
please let me know

Hi @nameisbabu,
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You need to use:

  1. Get Outlook Mail Message
  2. Set output variable of List(MailMessages) for activity
  3. Loop each mail with Save Attachments activity


i have done this, i want to download attachemts from multiple senders at a time

sir i have done with single mail address but it does not work with multple mail address

You are filtering you mails in IF activity to only one sender. The way I showed you will download all attachments from all mails.


Is there any chance to call more than one sender in that condition.I want particular senders attachments

You can try expression like this:


it works,thank you a lot sir for your solution

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