How to download Tableau View in PDF format using Uipath Tableau Activities

This tutorial will describe how you can download Tableau View as PDF in UiPath.

Pre-Requisite: You need to have a Tableau account. If you don’t have an account then join the Tableau developer program by logging to this link to create your developer account

Here are the steps you need to perform:

Now, Open UiPath Studio and Install UiPath.Tableau.Activities

Now, Drag Tableau Application Scope to the main workflow and click on Configure button

Please see the tutorial here How to configure Tableau Application Scope connection using Access Token in UiPath | by Manoj Batra | Medium to configure Tableau Application Scope

Now Drag ‘Download View as PDF’ activity to the workflow

To Set the Site ID parameter, click on the find button and a popup would appear

Click on Find and it will display the list of site id associated with the account

Select the Site id and click done

Now, to find View Id. First copy the site Id and click on Find button next to the View ID textbox

Select the view from the list and click ‘Done’

Now select the folder path and file name

Set ‘Page Orientation’ and ‘Page Size’ if required

Run the program and see the action

This would be the output

Her is the YouTube Video: How to download Tableau View as PDF Using Tableau Activities in UiPath - YouTube

Code: UiPathSamples/34 - DownloadTableauViewAsPDF at main · manojbatra071/UiPathSamples · GitHub

Happy Automation

Print to PDF using a Windows computer
Specify page setup options for each sheet in your workbook.
Select File > Print to PDF.
In the Print to PDF dialog box, select the print Range:
Select a Paper Size.
Select View PDF File After Printing if you want to automatically open the PDF after creating it.


How you are going to make a connection? and you also need to handle everything like opening browser, navigating to the page and then closing the app as well.

These are the activities provided by Uipath to connect to tableau without Ui Interaction - Please see the documentation here About the Tableau Activities Package (, this includes many activities to work with Tableau


Hi @Manoj_Batra ,

Thanks for the tutorial.

I want to filter on a Commission Period and a sales rep’s name, then the activity will download that PDF.

I tried the Comm Period as August 2023 first, but the downloaded PDF still show a default of July 2023


and the next step is to filter the agent name as well.

Will create a variable to download the latest comm period and a variable for each sales rep.

Thanks for the help.