How to download outlook mails based on date and time (First come First out)

Hi Everyone, I’m facing an issue with outlook. I’m get few mails to my outlook and in that I’m getting few excel attachments with specific subject. When i run the bot it is downloading all attachments and processing. But i want to process the excel which came first like, First come First out. Based on the timing it should process the file.

Ex: 1 mail came around 11AM in the morning and 2nd mail came around 3PM. When i run my bot it is downloading both files and it is processing 3PM file first and processing it . i want 11AM file should be processed first .
Can anyone help me how to solve this


Check this post

Sure @sarathi125 i will check this

After you download the messages you can order them by the received date that you have in Headers

@c.ciprian i will check this also