How to download exchange email activities in manage packages

Hi Team,

Currently I’m using latest version of UiPath, I’m unable to find exchange email activities in my studio. I have tried to search that activity in market place Aswell I’m unable to find that. Kindly help me to get the exchange email activity

Hi @Buvaneshwaran_R ,
1.In search box and filter
-select all item

2.check package
-choose all package
-find mail

install it if not have

@Nguyen_Van_Luong1 Thankyou for your support & response still I’m unable to find that package

Here is one more method if you are not able to find any package.

Get package name from another process → project.json file and paste it project.json file in desired process. close UiPath and open your process. It will bring automatically

Can you share your image about that?