How to Download and Rename the Folder and Upload it to Google Drive

Download the “UiPath Standards” folder from Google Drive.

Download the files below to the folder you just downloaded above

Rename the folder “UiPath Standards” to “Practice 20230308 -” for example Practice 20230308 - ABC----and then upload it to Google Drive.

Is there a way to do it?
Thanks in advance,

Hi @Tuannna1 ,

Have you tried the Google Drive activities from UiPath? Please find the below link,

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Hi @Tuannna1

@Manish540 thanks for the link ! - use this link to find out below things

  1. Use the “Google Drive” activity package to connect to your Google Drive account.
  2. Use the “Get Folder” activity to retrieve the “UiPath Standards” folder.
  3. Use the “Rename Folder” activity to rename the folder to “Practice 20230308 - ABC”.
  4. Use the “Upload File” activity to upload the renamed folder to your Google Drive account.

Please note that you need to configure the Google Drive activity package with your Google account credentials before you can use it.