How rename the Google Drive Shares with Google Sheets

Hi everyone,

I need help so I need rename the Google Drive Shares

I’ve got google sheets with two columms
Name x Future Name

I would like that UiPath open minha Google Drive Shares after search a name and changer for future name

When i opened the UiPath request my login

*I am use UiPath on Google Chrome because i have Macbook

Hi there,

Are you using Studio Web to build your workflows? If so, you need to have integration service set up with Google Drive connector to build such a workflow.

Here is a guide on how to connect GSuite to Integration Service

Here is a guide on the activities you can use in Studio Web for Gsuite

Happy automating!


Thanks for the answer, but I didn’t find how do

I connected with Google Drive so How do? Do you can help me? On google meet?