How to do new line line when writing to the text file

Sorry maybe its a stupid question but I didn’t find any correct answer to this.



hi @Gabriel_Toth

it’s not a stupid question :slight_smile:

But its easy… In the type into activity, there is a small plus mark here…
Click on that and it expands a entire list of keyboard buttons which you can add to the current string you are typing…
So after the text you are typing, just add the Enter key like this… Then next time when it writes, it will write on the new line :slight_smile:

If this works for you, please make sure to mark my answer as the solution too… :slight_smile:



Thanks for the answer, but I asked the wrong thing. It was meant in the write text file activity and not in type into.

Thanks again

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Hi @Gabriel_Toth

In .net, the newline is System.Environment.Newline
or in vb, think it’s vbcrlf

Or you can use the Append Line activity and it adds to the text file to a new line.



Hi @Gabriel_Toth,
You can achieve it by this for example:

So vbNewLine or VbCrLf


Check this out too…

You just need to add VbCrLf in your string

Main.xaml (4.4 KB)

Although I didnt start this thread, this was the answer I needed. Thanks! :grin:

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That solved my issue :slight_smile: . thanks

Hi all,
I’m working on a process where I’m adding new lines to a text file. For some reason I’ve noticed that it is adding an empty line before it starts adding the new line to a text file.
What’s the best way of dealing with it? I’m so confused as if I was to create a new text file I don’t have the empty line.
I’m using append line to add details to the notepad