How to display a message on webpage during automation

Hii everyone,

During automation I am using data scraping. Now first page is extracted and goes to second page for extraction so it takes time.So I want to display a message on the screen that “data scraping going on” so that the unknown person knows that datascraping is going.

So my question is that is there any activity or any way to display message for few seconds on the screen during data scraping.
I don’t want to use message box because it has “ok”

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Hi @supu123,

Try with message box to display or try to write in to notepad & see

@supu123 There is a custom activity to display status check here

You can also use an Invoke code then run a VB script

Hii @tshedzamclay,

How to do this
Can i know what are the steps

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Hi supu123

I think this video might help but here will be using the call out activity

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