Web automation issu

Hi all, I was Just trying to do web automation. There I was trying to feed the text to web through Excel data. But here when I am trying to run it is not feeding the text and it showing looping message box like 1, 2, 3 and
throwing the error unable to find the Ui element.And I totally confused why I am getting those message box because I haven’t used the message box activity.Below are the photo references.

Are you sure that u r not using any message box
In studio open ur workflow and search by pressing ctrl+r and type as Message Box

If it’s there then u can delete

If not then check whether any other background is running by same time and if any bot runs then try running this process by another time

And to identify the issue with which activity bot couldn’t find the element, run in DEBUG MODE so that you can understand where it is failing

Mostly it will be with UI Automation activities where try to reindicate the element and try again

Hope this helps

Cheers @Pushpendra_kowthavarapu

Thanks for the reply brother.And the other thing is I have to click the date to the below image . I just want selector to be dynamic because I will pass the variable to it.how can I have to modify the selector?