How to disable IE enhanced protected mode via powershell

the IE enhanced protected mode is affecting the automation process.

Anyone know how to disable it via the PowerShell or CMD?
(The method turn off from the internet option is unable to do as the selector is not able to select a selector in the internet option.)

Thank you.

I just contacted the Microsoft Support to ask about the command prompt or Hotkey that can be used to disable the ie enhanced protected mode.

However, as per conversation, the agent stated that there is no command prompt or hotkey to do that. And it need to run foreground (will not work in background).

But, the strange things is if not mistaken, I seen before the post this post.
How to enable / Disable Enhanced Protection Mode in Internet Explorer using PowerShell? (

It seems like it will work, but I don’t understand the content so I just leave it there. Hope that it is helpful for others.

And I will just go with the normal click that works on foreground.

That’s all~

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