How to detect a pop up window in a web application in Chrome

I need to detect an appearance of a pop up window in the web application.
~75% of the transactions do not cause this pop up however in case the pop up is triggered the robot should perform some specific actions.
The problem is that I can’t find a way to detect this pop up.
I tried Element exist, Text exist, OCR text exist, Image exist and CV element exist within the CV scope. None of these worked. They all tend to return false positive when there is no real pop up.
Are there any other ways to detect the pop up ? It is Chrome browser and I can’t change it to IE.
Another problem is the slow down in case there is NO pop up particularly with Image exist or OCR text exist activities.

Hi @MichaelK,

Please find the solution.If you have any issues let me know.

popupdetect.xaml (5.8 KB)

Run this link example in your browser before run process

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Thanks @Reddy_Paluri but it doesn’t work at all for my web application. Element exists activity ALWAYS returns true regardless the pops up visible or not. I think this is because it finds hidden elements too. Same story with the Text exists and OCR Text exists activities.

in case the element is hidden with a get Attribute the triggering Attribute value can be checked
depends on your application (web, java, desktop, sap)

The attribute RelativeVisibilty often is useful for Java, SAP
For web / triggering CSS Properties have also a look on this Component:


Hi @MichaelK,

If you are using alert or model popup dialogue.Spy on inside alert or model popup having some text or buttons.I tested working fine with I shared workflow.

@Press F4 when spying inside alert or model popup text or close buttons don’t spy full things
Omkar P

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Hi @Reddy_Paluri
F4 works like magic ! Thank you.

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