How to delete the created tables from excel using UiPath?

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I’m a newbie here. How can I delete/remove all the created tables from the excel file using UiPath?
Is there a specific activity to do that?

See my screencap attached. Thank youUiPath-table 0

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Use “Delete Column” Activity → Deletes a column table from a spreedsheet based on it name.

Hi @Ru_eL

Delete the sheet that contains the table.

Or delete the excel file if all the table presents in one file.


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If you looking for deleting a datatable created from excel inside the workflow the use a simple assign activity like this

dt_variable = Nothing

Or use CLEAR DATATABLE activity


If you are trying to delete the sheets in excel file then use a

Which will clear specific sheet data from a excel


If you want to delete the excel file itself
Then use a

Hope this would help

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Hi @Ru_eL

Try the c# code to achieve this around


Nived N

Hi @Ru_eL

If you know the exact number of columns that should present .Follow these steps

  1. Read range the whole excel.
  2. Get the Count of the column
  3. Use Insert or delete column
    • No of Columns :Whole Count - The number of column you needed
    • Position : From which position you need to remove (i.e.,The number of column you needed+1 Thetype should be integer)
    • Sheet Name


Note: Demo is an integer


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