Delete a specified sheet from an Excel

Hi there,

How to delete a specified sheet from an Excel using UiPath?

Let me know your way :slight_smile: I didn’t find any way.


Can you try to use DeleteSheet with UseExcelFile as the following?



Hi @Robotman ,
You can use ‘Delete Sheet’ activity to delete specified sheet.

The ‘Delete Sheet’ need to place inside ‘Use Excel File’ activity.

Hope this help !

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Thank you for the solution.

Didn’t find this activity in the panel and I upgraded the excel activities package and enabled the filter to show StudioX activities. Wondering if can we use StudioX activities in the Studio?


In the latest version, these activities are not only for StudioX but also for Studio as ModernExcel. I think it will be mainstream (instead of Excel Application Scope) in the future and it’s no problem to use it.


Thank you @Yoichi for the info.

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