How to delete row value

In excel sheet there is 3 colums ( no , product , last date ) the product like ice cream ,ice water, milk , juice . In that i filter milk and delete all milk details in excel . how to slove this solution .

Hi @Aarthy1 ,

Have you tried using the Filter Datatable Activity ?

Hi @Aarthy1 - Have a look on the attached workflow (10.3 KB)





Hello @Aarthy1 ,

  1. Use Read Range and Read the excel file - Store the result in ProductDT (data table variable)

  2. Use Filter Data Table Activity as below

  3. Use Write range and write OutDt to your excel file.


No i dont need to remove water data . i need to remove colored data
1660722956815_Eg.xlsx (19.0 KB)

Sorry @Aarthy1
can u tell us what exactly u want

if so please share us input and expected output sample @Aarthy1

1660722956815_Eg.xlsx (19 KB)

So basically you want to remove details regarding product milk ? @Aarthy1

Can you tell us the condition to check and remove the colored data Manully?

Explain little bit more about your query?

In what bases do we need to remove it?



Hello @Aarthy1 ,

The Colored data that you want to remove you can mention the same in Filter Data Table (click on + icon it will add new row there u mention 2nd condition and so on) activity as shown above, it will work for you.

No, I want to remove the product which are in yellow color in excel sheet“[columnname]<>‘Milk’”)