How to delete a row from the datatable on the basis of specific empty columns

Hi Everyone,

I have a datatable dt which has 4 columns. I have to delete the row in the datatable if column 2, column3, column4 for that row is zero or empty.

Please help

@Karan28 You can use Filter Datatable Activity and make a quick check if it able to keep only rows whose Columns 2,3,4 are not 0 and Not Empty

It did the same but somehow its not working right.

@Karan28 You might need to use two Filter Datatables.

How , can you please explain?

@Karan28 First Filter Datatable use Column 1, 2, 3 Not Equal to 0
Another Filter Datatable use Column 1,2,3 Is Not Empty

The Output of First Filter Datatable needs to be passed to the Second Filter Datatable.
Also try using “0” instead of 0.

If it doesn’t work we’ll go for a Linq Approach

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Thankyou so much

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