How to delay the process without hardcoded value?

Hi Team,

I just had a doubt that how can we delay the process without the hardcoded value means without delay activity??

Can we delay the process without using activity? and How can we do?

Kindly, let me know the solution.

Thanks in advance.

Happy Automation.

Hi @personal_mail

Almost all activities in UiPath have a property to delay before or after. Just look for a click activity and open the properties pane. That will be an alternative to using the the delay activity.

Depending on your use case, you could also set an “Element exists” activity an have it execute until an element shows on the screen. Which can mimics the behaviour of the delay.

If neither of these work, please provide more information about your use case and maybe we can come up with an other idea.


We can change default delay value which each UiAutomation activity has, in the project settings, as the following. If set large value in them, each activity wait the value, if they are set default (blank).


Thanks Yoichi.

But here the case is without using activity we have to delay the process.

Thanks Sebastian.

I also got similar idea. If I get more info will let you know.

Hey @personal_mail

How big of a delay do you need?

Have you tried using an Orchestrator asset as the value of delay activity? Its not exactly ‘hard’ coded but may not be what you are after either.

Have you tried the WaitForReady status? Its a setting for most activities. Screenshot below for the “Click” activity. You need to expand the “Target” section within the properties panel.

This is dynamic and will interact slower when performance is bad. And faster when performance is good.


Check out this link for more information - UI Activities Properties (

Is that what you are looking for?

Hopefully this helps.

Hi @personal_mail

Please try resume after delay(found by installing UiPath.persistent.activities package) it will pause the execution and resume whenever we needed, and at the time of pausing the bot will not in running mode and will be in suspended state.