How to define the Number of times I can Click on a button?

I am searching for a job on a website by iterating one by one through the data table.

After extracting the required data, I click on the button “View Next Job” and the next job appears.
Is there a way that I can define the Number of times I can click on the “View Next Job” button?

And after that defined Number of Clicks, it will again search with the new job from the data table.


I hope you are doing this in loop and loop would have an index property which we can use to check and break the loop and execute for another job

Eg index > 10 and on then side break


You can place the click inside a loop with a condition or you can try using retry scope activity to click button desired no of times. Attaching documentation for retry scope activity below:

Yes, I am using For Loop to iterate through data table
Can you please Elaborate, I didn’t get it.
how to set this conditon on Click activity ?

Because after clicking on "Next view Job " I have to perform all the data extraction steps again and only after I clicked the button “X” number of times, the loop should move to the next row of the data table


For Each loop requires a list / array variables loop to start

You can try as Do-While loop :
For that declare a variable as Index of type Int32 variable
Now drag the Do-While loop, write condition as Index <> 10
Inside the Do-While loop drag your click activity and next to that place Assign activity as Index = Index + 1
This will loop until 10

Next is Retry scope
You can just give 10 time and it will retry for 10 time

Hope this may help you