How to debug a State Machine in Studio

Hi I have a State Machine that I need to debug via Studio. I open the project in Studio and open the main xaml file. I go to the debug tab and choose debug. It begins the debug process and the logs say it is executing but it’s not doing anything, it will sit like that for hours. Maybe I just don’t know how to debug a State Machine?

I know the robot will run to a certain point and then it fails when I just chose run, but when I choose debug it doesn’t even make it to failure point, it doesn’t even make it past the init stage.

Hi @rkohman

You can try using Step In (F11), this will make you go into the state machine and let you execute it’s activities one by one.

You can read more here:

As mentioned above we would recommend to stepwise debugging for further analysis. The reported behaviour often is a trigger that an uncatched transition moves the flow into a nirvana state.

Hi @rkohman You can use the slow step option in debugging panel to know the execution by highlighting each step in your project


Hello @rkohman

There are multiple options available in the debug ribbon. For state machine what you can do is, use the step into method.

You can see a button “Step Into” , click on that and it will action one by one by opening the state machine.


Sadly I get the same results when I use step into :frowning:

Any ideas besides step into? I’m still stuck.