How to create / write VbScript Files in UiPath

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I need to write a .VBS File with UiPath. I know about the invoke VBscript activity, but i have to create a new VBS File. I´ve tried to use the Write Text File activity, but always get an compiler error “expression expected”. I know, there´s something missing, in an other RPA-Tool it could be solved with this (ignore the quotations):

" >>Code<< "

Is there a similar way to create a VBS file with UiPath?

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Try something like this, it is working for me.

Are you getting the error while writing the file or while executing the created file?


Many thanks!

This works for small scripts. But if there are many rows of code, it´s gonna be hard. This is why i´m looking for anohter solution…

Get the error while writing.


From where you are getting the script, you can use “Append File Activity” instead of the Write File.

using Append File Activity you can loop the input script and append it to the output file

What are you trying to achieve? Why are you trying to write VBS files with UiPath? It’s not really what UiPath is intended for.

Thank you!

Append File? Do you mean the invoke VBScript activity? I´ve tried that, but does not work for us so well.

Is there no other way?


<a> Code </a>.value

OR if you have special characters, you should use a CDATA block:

<![CDATA[ Code ]]>.Value
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