VBscript coding in Uipath

Is anyone has a workflow which has used VBScript coding file? Can anyone share it

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Can you share the requirement like what process or what is the specific thing you want to do using VB script? so that I can share it with you @Arun_Pondhe

Usually VB script is used in Macros

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@Arun_Pondhe Here you go. Attached zip file is having vbscript which will read sheet name,Rows count and Column count Exlvb.zip (17.1 KB)

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@indra @HareeshMR Thank you for the support I’m just beginner in uipath Here I want to connect with the database using vb code and access data using column name from the database

You can do that using existing activities also @Arun_Pondhe

But as you mentioned, you want to connect through code, it is far easy to connect using C#, but hope the same in VB also. Just using Invoke Code activity will let you write your own code so that you can do anything in that activity.

@Arun_Pondhe Can you specify why are going through vbscript. For connecting database there is activity in uipath.

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Just for practice no more

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@Arun_Pondhe There is direct activity for database have a look here

@indra Can you help me …i have one vbs file i want to use in activity …vbs code file is related to splitting some excel data i use Invoke VBA for provide path of that file but don’t know how to work method name