How to create table in smtp body?

How to create table in smtp body and how to enter the dynamic list (variable) values inside the table in uipath.

@BNK Check this below link,

Hope this may help you :slight_smile: (249.1 KB)

Hi @BNK ,
You can refer this project, here data table is used to create html mail body.
Just replace it with the list.

Hi @BNK ,

Is sample files provided worked for you ?

no. It is not creating table

What issue you are getting?
The logic is build on data table.
Have you change it to list.

@ermanoj3101 In mail table is not creating. It is showing all table fields(tr,td). I am not change any thing.I am just run your workflow.

Please refer below video

@ermanoj3101 ok sure. Thanks foe your help

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