How to create table from log file (String variable)

Hello, How to create this output table from above log file
please support


Please use Deserialize Json activity.
Here is the documentation link. You can find the sample at the end of documentation. Please have a look.

Karthik Byggari

Hi, i tried with Deserialize Json
firstly it is working only when text is inside {}. My first text starts with timestamp Info and spacebar and then{}.
Even if i split the 13:33:19.8609 Info and Deserialize Json is not working as there are multiple lines, each starting with {}.
if only one line inside {} it is working, not for multiple.
i have to create a table by fetching all those details from log files.

@rajat_dhammi …I am looking for the same code as above to make table from file…could you please help for the same?Thanks

@Manjinder_Kaur Please check if this code helps. This will loop through each line of text in log file and add to datarow of table.
ReadLogFile.xaml (15.5 KB)

@devik …this file is empty…when I download …is this .xml or .xaml?

@Manjinder_Kaur Attaching it as zip file. Can you check if this works. The project needs dependency UiPath.WebAPI.Activities [1.13.3] (3.4 KB)