How to create separate log files for different automations in separate directories?



Hi ,
I just have start working on the Uipath. I have created some different small simple automations . I wanted that their logs will get created in separate folders with different filenames.How can I achieve this in the UIpath ?



we need to give a log file directory where you want to save log file. following attachment will assist you.

Main.xaml (6.0 KB)



@Pankaj.Patil Thanks a lot but in your example you are writing a simple text file which will not provide the functionality of logging levels , adding log fields etc. I wanted to use Uipath built-in activities just that I can provide filepath and filename for that so that I can have separate log files for different automations in separate directories.



do you want log level message in log file like following?

Info: Welcome to UiPath
Debug: Something is going to get waired



@Pankaj.Patil Yeah…!! I want my log level in the my log file and on the error I want exception stack trace as well .