How to create robot logs file in excel format?


Now I want to create a robot logs files in excel format. Normally, log file format in .txt format. But I want to create an excel format.

*I’m not using orchestrator.

Please share your ideas and experiences.

  1. Use “Build DataTable” activity to create a structure for your Log file table.
  2. Create a workflow which will use Log message activity and also add new rows to the datatable whenever it’s invoked.
    This will serve two purposes:
  • Print Log Message in Output panel

  • Add New rows in your Log table

  1. At the end of your process, write this table into an Excel file with the system date. Additionally, if you want to maintain a single file for all the logs generated every day then you can change the sheet name to have today’s date and use Write Range.

Do you have any sample of this task?

any sample?

sample please