Need Guide: How to Store Business Data Log

Hi Guys,

For my automation, I want to store business data log, such as which product item data has been processed, what’s the state change of that data, maybe this item status changed to Shipped by the automation. In other words, not the robot execution log.
Later, I need to share such log to business user regularly in excel format. For example, in the past week, which products has been processed.

My thoughts:
During the automation execution, I want to save some log into database. Then I can consolidate a excel report weekly to business user.

I feel this is a quite common requirement in the scope of automation, just want to check with you what’s your best practice to achieve so?


Hi @mingdayfly ,
I don’t quite understand what you mean
Can you share a demo image?
I think robot can write log to data or excel

Thanks for your quick reply.
My company has a material system, I need to build a robot to automate update the material information by cross-system check. Eventually some fields of the material will be changed.

Business user needs to know which materials has been changed in the past week, they need a excel report every week.

Hi @mingdayfly ,
I understand your company has a system manager products.
You need robot check system then update products information.
Then robot create report send to user.
That’s right?
I think that is not difficult
Robot can get data in every week then compare them.
If we have clear requirements and handmade step by step
we can build robot in this process