How to Create own Log file using Text Document?


I want to create own log file by using text file.
So, what system variable use for get the execution details.


Create one string variable and assign the log file path.
And then use Append Line activity to add all the logs to above created log file.

Hello Lakshman

Can you send me simple workflow .

Please find the attached workflow.Log_Test.xaml (5.9 KB)

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But you provide the own message “START**”

I want to get dynamic text which comes from execution.
example:- DeletingfirsttworowsofaDataTable execution started


If you want dynamic text then read those logs and store it in a variable pass it to append line activity.

Read logs from output panel or any different location.

From where you are getting logs ?

I have a question
in uipath any system variable are present , which gives the execution logs.

Because i don’t want to write own msg in append line or log file
i want to pass system environment variable.

Hi All,

How we will read system generated execution logs and is it possible to store it in a variable ?

Do you have an unswear?

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Hi @Klaudia

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Here is an activity called “log Text”. Using this activity you can able to write your own message. you can concatenate your system variables.

Thank you

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Thank you Balamurugan.S but I want to extract all logs from output panel in one step and write them to txt. Is it possible ?

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Hi @malam9384,

Try creating Log.xaml and Invoke for Every new Message. PFA xaml for your reference.
Logs_Generation.xaml (6.4 KB) Main.xaml (8.6 KB)

Snehal Kapse.

Hi! Have U found any solution for one-step log saving?

Just found out Orchestrator provides logs for robots.
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Hi Team,
I want to extract all logs from output panel and write them to txt file
How can I do it ?

Hi @Smruti_Smita_Samal
mostly the log data in output panel is written either using writeline or logmessage activity [ except for errors]
so can u try to append the same data to txt file which u are adding to output panel using writeline /logmessage activity

Nived N

Thanks for your reply.