Adding Data Row to another excel file

Hello everyone,

I have 2 excel file and I want to add the data of the first excel file to another excel file. I’m using Add Data Row but I can’t achieve what I want.

I want to add the data of A-C to the another excel file that has a “Employee Details” sheet name then add the data of D-F to “Invoice Details” sheet.


Hi @Gus_Fring

Try This,

DT_Input.DefaultView.ToTable(False,“Invoice Code”,“Category”,"Department")


Hello @muthuraj.c

Should I add that to assign activity? Btw i’m using write range.

HI @Gus_Fring ,

Yes, you should add assign activity.

  1. Use Read Range Activity to read the input file.
  2. Define columns for output data table using Build Datatable activity.
  3. Then use Assign activity “DT_Input.DefaultView.ToTable(False,“Invoice Code”,“Category”,“Department”)”
  4. Finally use Write Range activity.

Sample xaml is attached follow this.

Specific_Column.xaml (7.9 KB)


Hi @muthuraj.c

Thank you for that. How about adding this data first:
to another excel file then after processing it, it will clear the data table then process the next Invoice number?