How to create new excel file for each pdf which is read

My program reads couple PDFs and I want to write these values to new excel file for each pdf. I couldn’t find proper way of creating new excel file for each pdf, excel application scope overwrites different pdf files on same excel file.

Hi @AnnaDewitt can u explain ur query clearly?

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Hi @AnnaDewitt your program must be reading PDFs present in a folder in a loop.
In the same loop read the PDF file name , extract data and then use the write range(workbook) and not the excel scope activity to write the extracted data and name the file the same as the pdf file.
For eg: suppose your program reads and extracts data for test.pdf , it should also extract the filename(store it in a variable) and then paste the extracted data using write range in test.xlsx where the filename is stored in a variable.
Let me know if this helps.

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Hi. I am sorry, my explanation seems a bit confusing.

I want to write a program which does activities below:

  1. It will read some parts in a pdf.
  2. It will write this parts to a new excel file and save it.
  3. It will do these for each pdf in a file.

Right now, it reads some parts of pdfs in a file, but I couldn’t find a way to write these part to seperate excel file for each pdf.

I used excel application to do that, but it write all infos from pdfs to same excel file.

I think it is clear now.

Thank you, I will try this way. If I use write range, does it create new excel file directly?

It worked, thank you!

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