How to create multiple databases and export the information to different sheets in 1 Excel File?


I have a problem with the development of my bot. I have the following case:

Bases on a Excel File with multiple cells with Unique ID’s, I want the bot to search on a specific website for each cell, then an extract of the data of the page and add the data to separate (I.e. different) databases. And after that I want to add these different databases in 1 excel file and separate sheets for each database within that file. Do you know if this is even possible?

I have the following concrete problems:

  1. How to create multiple databases (as I use the Excel file as Input)?
  2. How to add these multiple databases to 1 Excel with separate sheets for each different database?

I’m very thankful if someone could help me out!!



First your datatable create is not impacted by the fact that your input is excel file.
Im sure you are reading a sheet from the excel file then processing each id in a ‘forEach Row’
So once you are scraping data from the web url, you will be getting the data in a datatable
All you have to do is to make the bot write datatable with a variable sheet name in you write range

[please ignore the error indicators]

this answers point 2 as well
The point is not to create separate dt but make it a variable sheet that you will write to.

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Hi Nadim,

Thanks for your response.

I get the following error when running the script:


I think you are typing into textbox on the browser and, Its not able to find the element with the current element selector that you have configured.

Has the textbox change from when you developed the code?
Is the textbox a dynamic element - means does it depend on a id?

If the above questions answer is No, can you re-indicate the element for the type into activity and try again?

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