How to create custom log

Hello guys so i have automation that i schedule everyday to run, but i want make a custom log every time that automation run. Do u guys know how to make a custom log for our automation?

Hello @Kelvin1, Refer to this thread, Igt may help you

HI @Kelvin1

Check out this video link

Check out this XAML file in the thread


Hi @Gokul001 I did watch this video already. But i still dont get it how he capture every transaction in his automation like this, how can i get this? How can he get the logs this specific. On this image show data extracted - Total Row Extracted 16, even in logging studio i dont know how to see that :frowning: . Can u help me to explain how can i get that transaction

Have you checked this XAML file? @Kelvin1

Hi @Gokul001 i already open that XAML file. I want to ask you something, i was saw this video UiPath | Create Own Custom Logs | Importance of Logs | Step By Step Demo | Beginners | Logging | RPA - YouTube in that video he make a log for data scraping. In that log show how many row have been scrap in that process. Do u know how to make it?

Like this