How to create custom Business Exception in Initialization part of the process?

Hello all,

I am thinking which would be the best way to create a custom Business Rule Exception which will be triggered if there are no files in the shared folder.
I have created a transition from Initialization to Get Transaction data because I don’t want robot stops if there are no files in the shared folder. I would like to continue with the process.
As you can see, there is “No files” transition where I have set the following:

Also, I added “No files” BusinessRuleException in Throw activity while checking if there are files.
The problem is that the process throws System Exception and the flow goes to End Process.

Do you maybe know which approach would be the best for situations like these?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @bp777

You need to add business exception in the initialization catch block and if the folder doesn’t contain any files then yow need to throw the error as business rule exception. Then it categorize the exception as business instead of system.