How to create Asset with Value as null or empty


I wanted to create a asset with empty value. While retrieving asset value should be empty

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What is the purpose of storing an empty asset in Orchestrator?

its a prebuilt code which i am trying to copy all config file key values to Assets. one of the key value has empty. its depend on the user whether to provide empty or any other value there. based on that value Bot will take action as per the below steps

For suppose if the value is empty Bot will not update the SFDC value for that particular field. (no action will be taken on that field in sfdc)
If user provided any value then Bot will update the same in SFDC


At the time of creating Asset we have to enter value also and it’s mandatory field else we can’t create asset.

Do one thing enter any single character like semi colon ; and then use replace method to replace with empty value in your workflow then your Asset will be empty.


I was wondering what to do in the same situation now. Your idea is great! I’m going to hurry to fix 10 projects again.

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thanks, but it’s strange that assets cannot be created as empty. I wanted to create the assets for cc and bcc for mails sent at the end of the workflow. Normally cc and bcc will be empty. But if my manager says add me to cc, I will add it here. And I add myself to the bcc to make sure the email goes to it. But until then it should remain empty.