How to create an input checkbox activity with activity creator?

Hi guys,

I created an own activity with the activity creator in visual studio as it is shown in the YouTube tutorial. I did the same steps and it works. Great.

I would like to play around in creating individual activities, so my task is it to create an individual input dialog checkbox activity, where you can select e.g. up to 10 boxes and output should be a list or array of the from user selected items.
Is it possible to do that easily with activity creator and how?
A step by step tutorial would be awesome. :slight_smile:

I think it would be great if there were more tutorials about uipath activity creator and how to combine it with solution explorer (e.g. uipath.shared.activities) in visual studio.

Many thanks.

Hi @Akimbow,
Creating own activity using Activity Creator extension is only simple part to let you spare a lot of time of building “the core” of an activity. But further actions and elements inside requires knowledge of C# anyway. What I could recommend here is to walk through C# programming tutorials to be more acknowledged with the aspect of programming with this language and then try to build step-by-step your own solutions. Unfortunate it is time consuming but being a developer is not a simple thing.

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