How to create a password argument

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how to create an input argument for passwords that in the default when writing the text, is seen in asterisks (that is, secure without displaying the text)


Hi @fernando_zuluaga,

Select the option “IsPassword” in the input property of “Input Dialog” activity


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hey @nimin
i know that, but i don’t want to use an input dialog, i want to try when i’m typing the value in arguments section, the value what i’m typing, type in asterisk, that is, the text what i’m trying to type don’t show more than asterisk. I want to mean the “Default Value” of my in argument, turn to password type, and not a string type

Hi there @fernando_zuluaga

Real time asterisks is possible only in attended input dialog box for now but anything that you want protected from using a System.SecureString argument and can be fed into during real time. (Reference - Convert SecureString to String - Get Secured Credential)

Or you can use Windows credentials and get the credential using the activity.

Or you can use a Go Component that can encrypt a text file having the hash/password value required for your purpose.

In browsers the password field converts password to asterisk (Reference -

As hardcoded values are not advisable or a best practice the real time password string obscuring is supposed to be only required during an attended automation where the user inputs a secure password. That is the rationale behind it :slight_smile:





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