How to create a list of categories in Excel

I’m in StudioX.
I have an Excel with 10 columns. I want to filter this Excel based on the Category column.
These categories are repeating in multiple rows.
I want to list of category type in a separate spreadsheet. For example, in this spreadsheet ‘Category’ column, I want the Furniture, Fruits, Electronics, Vegetables, Sweets as entries in separate spreadsheet. The program should read the category column and uniquely identify the category and copy it in a spreadsheet.
How to do this in StudioX ?

Hi @Prinal_C - By using the Create Pivot table, you can get the unique values



Option 2: Using UIAutomation…You can choose Data → Remove Duplicates to get the unique values…

Option 3: Again Using Automation, Choose Advance Filter, you can get the Unique records, and write it to different sheet…

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@prasath17 thank you ! when you say 'using UI Automation…" what does it actually mean ? What should I click in StudioX ?

Again…multiple ways…

  1. Using App Recorder…you can try (below is just sample, not complete)

  1. Use Application/browser activity

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