How to create a data table from the string



I just got the string output from the string.split operation, now i have to create a datatable from this string output. How to achieve this ?


Hey @Durairaj

To give you a basic idea, this link might help you.



Hi askh1yadav,

Actually i got this string output not from the output datatable activity. I got this string from comma separated text file. After apply the split , i got the array of string. With this output only i am trying to create a DataTable. Could you please guide me to achieve this?


This activity is just to see the datatable output in a text format.

and you are getting array of string then using looping construct which is suitable for you , you can acheive it.



For this it may help u…

First use BuildDataTable Command with respective No.of Columns and then Run a For each loop for the split output array you have taken …
then Maintain Counter then based on Column, Counter values assign respective data value…

Hope it will be helpful to you…


Hey Durairaj

Use generate data table. Pass that string output you got by string.split operation as a input to the generate data table and give the formatting options, so you can get the output as a data table.