Converting the output string of the "output data table activity" into a data table

i have used flowchart and created a internal data table, i have added output data table to it, but this activity coverts the data table into string, instead of displaying it as a message, i want to convert it again back into the data table and store it into a excel sheet.
kindly help

use write range activity to write your data table to an excel file

Please post the topic in its specific category @shashank19 :slight_smile:

And can you explain why you are using the output data table activity? YOu can use write range directly to the excel right?>

i have done that way, i am trying to do it this way.
i want to know how to convert output string of the “output data table” into a data table that can be written into a excel sheet

Yeah ok got it

Then use generate data table activity which will convert string to a data table @shashank19

how will write range read the string generated by “output data table”?

thanks, i will try