How to download the image from application if we don't know the exact image count

I want to download the image from application for different records.
There are lots of records available for which i want to download the image.
But for every record, the image count will be different for e.g. For first record i will get 5 images, for second its 8 for third its 10 etc.
So how to handle this case?

@vaibhav2.chavan I think we would want more details of how actually the process is being done :sweat_smile: Can you explain a bit more as to what you are doing?


Please see the below screenshot.
I want to go to each image, once i click on image i will give the option to download. Download is fine.
But for every record the image count will be different.
So how to handle it.

@vaibhav2.chavan Can you Check the Selector of the first Image by using a Click Activity and open the Selector in UiExplorer and Send the Screenshot of it?


Please see the below image selectors-


@vaibhav2.chavan I wanted theScreenshot of the Selectors in UiExplorer as it gives more attributes to apply for the Selector :sweat_smile: Try to Provide the Full UiExplorer Screenshot

find children activity maybe can help for retrieving the img(s) element per record.

Can you share some more details e.g. more clear screenshot or some details on element structure and relationships of record to images. Thanks


@supermanPunch/@ppr - Please see the below full selectors from UiExplorer.