How to copy original data and original formatting from one sheets e.g. Sheet one in one excel file and paste data into new excel file?


Is there anyway on how to copy original data and original formatting from one sheets e.g. Sheet one from one excel file and paste the data into new excel file?

Much appreciated!


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Hi @phoenix123,

You can use read range activity and read the sheet and use write range activity to paste the values in different excel file.

@anil5 ok will work on it now.

@anil5 is working but if I have a use case where one excel file have different excel sheets like Sheet 1, Sheet 2, etc and I need to save it into a new individual excel file is it the same part for read range activity, etc?

Hi @phoenix123,

If you have excel with 2 sheets and you want to copy the 2 sheets into a different sheet then it will be better to use copy file activity and here you can rename your new file and the new file will have these 2 sheets

@anil5 i mean if I have 2 sheets in one excel file can I have one sheets save in a new excel file and the last sheets save in another new excel file?

Use Read Range which is under workbook, so here you can specify the file path and the sheet name which you want to read and do the same for multiple sheets and use the Write range which is under workbook

Hi @phoenix123,

Have you tried the above method and is it working?

@anil5 Hi Sir! Is actually working but when using the activity they indeed copy the data over and paste the data but the formatting they never bring it over.

Hi @phoenix123,

While using Read range of workbook activity, you have option in properties called preserve format, check it and try and let me know if it works


@anil5 yup you are right and is working right now! Thanks for your help and effort! :slight_smile:

P.S Sorry for the wrong name!

hi guys! If you are reading this please read through the conversation and get a rough idea what are we talking about! Thanks! Happy automate! :slight_smile:

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