How to 'Copy' NOT 'Move' Outlook Mail Message to Another Folder in That Inbox

Hello Everyone,

How can I copy an email message(s) in Outlook. I don’t want to move them, just copy from the Inbox to another sub-folder.

I assume I begin by picking up the messages, then do a ‘for each’ email in messages, … (need help here)


Use this as a last resort

  1. Send to Self


  1. Move to Subfolder

This way it will be duplicated, but again the Mail in the Inbox has to be unread.

Thank you. Hope there’s another solution out there!

Sorry, but how to accomplish #2? I thought I knew, but that doesn’t seem to work. You say the email will be duplicated. I’m ok with the duplication.

Any other thoughts on this?!

I ended up solving the issue by using “Invoke PowerShell” activity and wrote a custom script to copy emails based on subject. You can also specify based on EmailID, From, BCC, etc.

Emails are being copied from Inbox\SubFolder to SentItems\TEMP, where “Email_Subject” is a variable being passed into the PS code.

Hope someone else finds some use in this!

$outlook = New-Object -comobject outlook.application; 

$Inbox = $outlook.GetNamespace('MAPI').GetDefaultFolder(6); 
$subFolders =  $Inbox.Folders | ? {$_.FolderPath.EndsWith('SubFolder')};

$SendItems = $outlook.GetNamespace('MAPI').GetDefaultFolder(5); 
$subFolders2 = $SendItems.Folders | ? {$_.FolderPath.EndsWith('TEMP')};
$Final = $subFolders.Items | ForEach-Object {If ($_.Subject -Like '*"+Email_Subject+"*'){$_.Copy().Move($subFolders2)}}