How to copy link from google search result and also how to use element exist if robot capthca

Hi Can you tell me how I can copy link

You can see snapshot here is not fully link it is in text form

I trying to copy these 1st result

Some time get these robot if we use element exist can it solve by click when robot captcha else continue (104.1 KB) (103.0 KB)
This is not the best way and will a little bit slow
In the past, Get Attribute can get the href to get the link but I can’t get it now

I agree with @Eric_Wong_Test. This should also limit the recaptcha issue.
Some years ago I solved the recaptcha issue… see the article on how I did it back then:

What I can remember is that it came after 42 searches… then after 64 searches etcetera.
Today I would also add an random selection within the selector.

I hope this helps you out a bit!

Kr, Paul

Thanks ElctricBoogie

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Thanks My Friend Can you suggest me where to I can learn more.

Thanks Eric Can I know if element not exists my whole work save in excel
it is possible when robot capctha come then it save automatic data

You mean if robot ReCaptcha has existed, skip this page and do the next data?

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If robot ReCaptcha has exist then save the data on excel which privous data did
can we solve by exception handling or element exists ?

Hi can you tell me if any exception get then whole search save and programm terminated

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