How I can read the col B and search in google and paste url of 1st result in col B?

Please check my program why I am facing error.

get url trying in (10.2 KB)

You can use Add Data Column as your datatable only have one column
You can make new column in excel

Hi Deepak,

Add new column and write your output new column of else same column also.

You can use counter also because if you have multiple data in same column that time it will get all record output.

Can u make for me I am Student and I am beginner sending u zip
get url trying in (10.2 KB)

get url trying in (11.1 KB)

Thank You very much :grinning:

you are great Sir G it’s working

Can u help me if I am getting robot captcha then how to use if else

only tell me about if else in these case when get captcha it will inform or take delay so i able to run continuously

can you help if I get google captcha then i need to use If else how ?
if showing google captcha then inform beep or allow me to click Else run continuously

HI Deepak,

If your captcha is text that time user [
Tesseract ocr its enough, if its image you need convert image into text then you extract the captcha.

Thanks but I need how I can implement with if else

actually I am learner now it’s my beginning

there is no image captcha only need to click on I m not robot then it will gone

I am able to create a click with if else statement

Hi Deepak

Use element exist

If particular check box is available in portal go to then or else part.

It will work.

Hi Manik

If are you there can u help me I am not able to make

Hi Deepak,

  1. Elements exists output create
  2. Variable pass into if condition.
  3. Then and else it will work.

Send your excel file and code.

it’s on zip (104.1 KB)

it’s solve by eric

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