How to copy link from excel and open link (new excel) it with File Explorer

Hay, I am new in UiPath and I have a problem. I don’t know haw to copy link from excel and paste them into address bar in File Explorer. Because when I do that robot need to pres enter, and then I need to get open new excele file with all my data. Please help me

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Buddy @Tinkerbell

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here is you xaml budy @Tinkerbell (6.2 KB)

Hope this wuld help you buddy .
Kindly go through the annotations in the activity inside the xaml before running buddy
Cheers @Tinkerbell

Hello, @Tinkerbell,
I think there are two easy ways of solving your problem.
A - If you already have a Windows Explorer open, you can use the Send hotkey activity to press F4, which will select the address bar, and then Type Into with the file path (make sure to select Empty field in properties)
B - If you just have the path, you can type it into the Run window (Win + R). The file path will automatically open the Excel application with the file.

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Hey, ty for your answer but I can’t open this. Something is wrong. Can you try post it again.

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no worries buddy @Tinkerbell
here you go with xaml

before running change the file path of your file in the excel buddy @Tinkerbell and make changes in the click and typeinoto activity for your system buddy (have added notes to it aswell) @Tinkerbell (18.2 KB)

Kindly try this and let know buddy

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were you able to open now buddy @Tinkerbell

Yes, thank you very much. I’m now trying to apply it to my own.

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