How to copy formula to the whole column

In my excel sheet one cell contain the formula,i want to drag that formula to the remaining rows for that column.
I saw one post regarding this,but i m not able to get it.sorry for posting again.
i am attaching the sample excel sheet in that sheet, i want to copy the formula which is there for ‘fullname’ column for remaining rows.
Can you please help me in that.
ananthasample.xlsx (8.2 KB)

Hi @Ananthaeswar2,
There is one way to do it using hotkeys as following.
Lets say you have 2 columns as A,B as data and Your formula is in Column C2 (C1 contains the headers).

  1. Copy your formula in C2 field by using Ctrl+C.
  2. Hit left Arrow.
  3. Hit Ctrl+Down. The cursor will go to the last row which contains data (ending row of B Column with data.)
  4. Hit Right Arrow.The cursor will come to Column C.
  5. Hit Ctrl+Shift+Up. It will select the data which needs to be populated by Formula in C Column.
  6. Press Ctrl+V to populate the copied formula.
    It will populate the formula in Column C’s data.

Hope it will help you.

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Hi @jibanjyoti
i posted one question
can you please help on this.
thank you

Hi @neplecha,
I need few information in order to proceed.

  1. Are you using excel inside citrix/vm or it is in the same machine where you have Uipath Studio?
  2. Which method and which activity you are currently using to read data from excel file?

Waiting for your input…